This is an outline of what I believe at this time. Some will disagree some will not. There are
many points of view on this topic, this happens to be mine. It will be added to and change as I
expand my knowledge or come to view things differently.

To begin with, Wiccans do not believe in an ultimate source of good or evil. There is no all
good benevolent father watching over us or a devil whispering in our ears tempting us to “sin.
In fact, there is no concept of sin within Wicca. We believe that each person is responsible for
their own actions.

I believe that there is a divine force within the universe that permeates all things. We are a part
of it. It’s energy flows through us and the universe. It is the essence of life. It is unknowable
and incomprehensible to the human mind. Therefore, our minds divide it into the masculine
and feminine, the God and Goddess, the All Father and All Mother, projective and receptive
divine energies, and many other names. We then divide it further into the various deities that
embody attributes we connect with and understand. Each of them possessing their own unique
personality and deserving respect as such, but still part of the greater whole. The many
gods/goddesses and their many faces are all tied to the same source just as we are.

Some Wiccans believe in fate or destiny, others do not. I am one of those who believe that we
each have a personal destiny. I also believe that as humans we have free will to make choices
that work towards that destiny. Each of us have an ultimate destination/destiny/goal to reach in
each life and how we get there is a result of our use of our free will. Now this does not preclude
someone else’s free will interfering with ours and disrupting or negating that destiny. It can be
difficult sometimes to determine how much of what happens to us is a result of destiny, choice,
random chance or the free will of others.

I believe we are here, we exist, to advance spiritually through the experiences we have during
each life. I see life itself as a wonderful gift from the Lord and Lady. Sometimes it may seem
like a burden, but it is always important to remember that we are privileged to have the chance
to even be here. To experience the pleasures and joys that life has to offer. To understand
divinity in all it’s wonders.

Death is another topic that Wiccans don’t all agree on. However, most believe in reincarnation
of some sort. I believe that death is simply a part of the cycle of life. It should not be feared for
all living things die. It is part of the cycle of life for it clears the way for new life to exist. Imagine
what the world today would be like if no one ever died.

I believe that when we die, the personality that is us, the conscious self, that was formed by
experiences and environment ceases to exist. However, our higher or divine soul, that contains
the core of what we are, continues on and returns to the Summerland to be with the God and
Goddess. There we rest and reflect upon what we experienced in the life we just left. The lower
soul becomes one with other lower souls within the underworld. Once the higher self has
rested and understands what it has learned, it is given another task/destiny and is reborn
along with a piece of the collection of lower souls that becomes the lower soul of that person.
Those two souls then enter the chosen body of the one to be born. The life experiences along
with the influence of the higher and lower selves/souls create the conscious or waking self.
Once we have learned all that there is to learn the cycle ends and all three souls form a single
unit and return to the Divine or become one of the Mighty Dead

Wiccans in general believe in protecting the environment, for the Earth is our mother, and not
causing needless harm to other humans or other living things. This does not mean that we all
live in mud huts and ride bikes instead of cars. That is a bit silly in today’s world. What is does
mean that we strive to make as small of an impact on the environment as we reasonably can. I
don’t think I need to go into how we do that here. Just go to any environmental group’s site
and they will outline how you go about that there.

As Wiccans we have eight seasonal celebrations, known as Sabbats, per year. Which is often
referred to as the “Wheel of the Year”. They are broken down into four Greater/Grand
Sabbats and four Lesser Sabbats or Cross Quarters. The Lesser Sabbats are those that
celebrate the solstices and equinoxes representing the four stages of life, youth, maturity, old
age and death. The Greater Sabbats represent the transitional stages of life we all go
through, conception and birth, sexual development, middle age and death.

These celebrations have much symbolism in them that represents these stages and
transitions. They rarely come out and actually say that this is what it is. The God and Goddess
during the Sabbats are used to demonstrate these things. An example is Yule. It is the Winter
Solstice when the God is born of the Goddess and the cycle of life begins. Just as it is the time
of year that the days begin to become longer and life will soon return to the land.

In addition to these eight festivals, on every full moon Wiccans gather in covens, while solitary
practice alone, to worship and adore their gods. Magic is often performed at this time as well.
These are called Esbats.

Last but not least is the importance of the elements in Wicca. Wicca recognizes five elements
which everything contains at least one of these elements. To understand Wicca you must
understand the elements. Those being earth, air, fire and water which is ruled by the fifth
element, spirit. These elements also have directional correspondence to them. Earth being
north, air being east, fire being south, water being west and spirit being at the center. These
elements are also assigned other attributes as well. These are a few of them. Earth is stability,
grounding, peace the antithesis to chaos. Air is intellect, thought, clarity. Fire is energy,
passion, desire, will and courage. Water is purity, love, compassion and introspection. Earth
and water are the Ying to air and fire’s yang. Also, they represent the following:

North = Earth, old age, nature, feminine,
East = Air, birth, intellect, the Sun, masculine  
= Fire, youth, passion, sex, masculine
West = Water, mid- life, the land of the death, feminine.
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