I will open this section by saying that I am a gay Wiccan and my overall experience within the
Wiccan community has been extremely positive. However, there are a few issues that I will
address here. They are minor but must be discussed. As with the rest of this website, I will be
adding and modifying things as time goes on. So parts of this may change as I grow and
experience new things.

Wicca, like most religions, does have infighting and disagreements between the different
traditions. Unlike other religions we do not resort to violence to settle those differences. One of
the biggest rifts in Wicca is between the original initiatory traditions and the more modern
versions of Wicca. The older traditions believe that you have to be one of them in order to be
a true Wiccan. Of course they are full of it. You can be solitary and be Wiccan.

The reason I opened this section with the rifts within Wicca is to help you understand why
some traditions of Wicca do not accept homosexuals while the majority of Wicca does. If they
are arrogant enough to try and say they are superior it is no wonder and little consequence to
a gay Wiccan what they really have to say. In fact, you will probably go through most of your
religious life within Wicca before ever personally meeting one of these Wiccans.

Except for the occasional asshole that you will find anywhere, those traditions of Wicca that do
not accept homosexuals do this not out of hate but out of a particular belief, most of the time.
They believe that the magical energy within a circle only works from the sexual tension
between a man and a woman. They do not believe that homosexuals can generate such a
tension and effectively work magic. This way of thinking is outdated and heralds from the time
in which the founder of Wicca,
Gerald Gardner, lived.

Personal experience and knowledge I have gained has taught me that homosexuals can
become very powerful witches. When paired together within a coven setting we can generate a
great deal of spiritual energy. You see during
Gardner’s time the common thought was that all
heterosexual men are dominant/projective and all females were passive/receptive. In today’s
society we know this to be false. Either gender can be projective or receptive and that can
even change from situation to situation.

In gay covens a projective or dominant individual should be paired with a receptive or passive
individual. This will facilitate and proper alignment to generate the needed sexual tension
between the two thereby increasing the energy raised during ritual. This will work for any
gender and/or sexual orientation or combination thereof.

It is foolish for those who consider homosexuals lacking in spirituality. In ancient times we were
the priests, the sacred ones who blurred the lines of gender and sexuality. Where witches
stand between the worlds of the mundane and magical we stand between the genders and
what it means to be male or female. While all humans posses both the God and Goddess
energy, heterosexuals posses more of what type of the other. We homosexuals posses
balance of both energies. Spiritually, we are neither completely male nor female. Therefore, we
are balanced and contain equal amounts of both.

In solitary practice and in group work we can easily assume the spiritual role of priest or
priestess and channel the energy of the God or Goddess.

We were the priests and priestesses of old, the sacred ones, the
berdaches. We are a vital
and intricate part of the spiritual community. We stand between many worlds and raise both
the chalice and the athame with equal power. We are the gay Wicca.

Blessed be!
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